Running & Sports Injuries

Chiropractic Care for Running and Sports Injuries

Running and sports-related injuries can include those sustained due to repetitive movements or from traumatic events in sports.

F.I.T. provides chiropractic care for running & sports injuries in Kansas City. Sports injuries can occur for a variety of reasons. With running and cycling injuries, it is most commonly because of the repetitive nature of the sport and volume of movements necessary during that particular activity. Overuse injuries can occur with team sports; however, we typically see more traumatic injuries such as ligament sprains/tears and muscle strains with these sports.


Symptoms of running and sports injuries can vary based on the body part involved but may include:
  • Pain in the muscle or joint
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Difficulty walking or weight bearing
  • Feeling of instability
  • Tightness and/or soreness
  • Lack of flexibility in the muscle or loss of range of motion of the joint

Treatments Options

Treatment for running and sports injuries centers on honing in on the cause of the injury, not just the symptoms you are experiencing. While treatment revolves around reducing your pain and returning you to your sport, we must address the underlying problem for effective rehabilitation. With soft tissue therapy, rehabilitation exercises and flexibility training, physical therapy can get you quickly back to your sport with no consulting with multiple different doctors for an answer and a “quick fix” intervention.

Our Treatment Process

F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic uses soft tissue therapies such as A.R.T., instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, dry needling and joint mobilizations to improve overall range of motion and tissue resistance for optimal movement.

The chiropractors at F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic will work with you expose where your specific dysfunctions are occurring and what is causing your painful symptoms. We can incorporate sport-specific exercises and drills to address the problem when treating your running and sports-related injuries in Kansas City. We want to keep you off the sidelines and in the game, so we’ll do everything we can in our office to help Kansas City athletes stay on the field before or after an injury.

Possible Treatments for Running & Sports Injuries

For other treatment options, check out physical therapy for  running & sports injuries.

Active Release Techniques

Sports Medicine and Performance

Dry Needling

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