Should You See a Physical Therapist or Chiropractor without Being Injured?

24 March 2021Chiropractic

Have you ever wondered if you should see a chiropractor or physical therapist in Kansas City even if you’re not injured or no longer injured?

Honestly, this conversation comes up with our patients a lot. 

"I'm feeling pretty good and I am not in pain anymore. Why should I get chiropractic/physical therapy treatment if I am not in pain or injured?"

 Well, do you want to stay pain free and keep moving? I'm sure we can all answer yes to that question.


If you end up sitting at a desk all day, your body is going to conform to the position you are in all day, everyday, and although you may not feel pain right away, overtime pain will catch up with you and have you wishing you had done something about it sooner. This is where physical therapy or chiropractic care comes in as a part of a lifestyle. It is important to make sure we are keeping the proper function and movement in our bodies.


What about if you are staying active, even amidst sitting at a desk all day, should physical therapy and chiropractic be a part of your lifestyle then?

A resounding yes! If you are active, you definitely are familiar with aches and pains, and how often do you hear the importance of recovery preached. Recovery is vital, and the care you can receive with a chiropractor or physical therapist at F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic is an integral part of that recovery, keeping you at optimal health. 


Still not sure if physical therapy or chiropractic should be a part of your lifestyle outside of injury? 

We’ve got some more benefits of continuing with musculoskeletal treatment even when not injured:


  • It prevents future injury.
  • Continuing to work through tight muscles and tissue will often help prevent that injury from occurring. The musculoskeletal system is very good at compensation when certain muscles aren't activating correctly. The key is to keep those muscles from becoming tight, therefore preventing injuries from occurring.


  • It reduces stress on the joints.
  • When a muscle isn't activating correctly and is weak, undue stress placed on other muscles which will put stress on the joint. You may not be experiencing pain when this starts to happen, however that can change overtime if untreated. Proper functional centration of the joint is key to reducing stresses on joints. 


  • It Improves performance in your sport and improves activity in your daily life.
  • We can always be improving our bodies. Whether that is mobility, range of motion, strength, etc. All of those things can be done through treatment. 


A body in motion, stays in motion!! We forget that whether we sit at a desk all day long or workout everyday, we use and abuse our bodies. Just like a car, your body needs some maintenance and a tune up from time to time. The goal through treatment with your chiropractor or physical therapist is to help guide you and your body to be the best it can be, through soft tissue work, adjustments, or rehab exercises. It is a team effort!! Keep that body moving!!