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Let’s talk about hamstring care! Our hamstrings are commonly injured in activities or sports that require high-speed running, aggressive change of direction, or in over-stretched situations. It is important to prevent these injuries by stretching and strengthening this large muscle group.

Below is a hands-on, manual approach to help stretch the hamstrings using our active release technique. This is commonly described as a “hurts so good” or “deep, intense stretch” by our patients.

The next two videos show a glute bridge progression on a swiss ball, a great exercise to activate and strengthen the hamstrings. You can try it single leg, or more advanced, double leg. The swiss ball adds proprioception work which challenges you to use your core and other muscles in order to successfully complete.

The last video shows a single leg RDL with a kettlebell weight. This is an excellent exercise to activate glutes and hamstrings, as well as adding a balance component!

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Looking for some good core work that is spine-sparing and safe for your low back? Look no further then this post. 😎

Exercise 1: Bird Dog
Begin on all fours, extend opposite leg and opposite arm. Hold in the extended position for 10-15 seconds. Try to limit tilting of the pelvis.

Exercise 2: Side Plank
Begin with elbow underneath your shoulder and feet stacked. Bridge up onto elbow and keep chin retracted. Hold for 10-15 seconds then complete on the other side.

Exercise 3: Pallof Press
Tie a resistance band around a solid stationary object. Step out from the object to build tension on the band. With the band clasped press out at chest level. Hold for 5 seconds and then bring hands back to chest. Repeat 5 more time’s. Then complete on the other side.

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Great time at @operationbreakthrough today!

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If you haven’t seen or heard about the NormaTec recovery system then you’re missing out! A large variety of our patients love these, especially our cross fitters🏋🏽‍♀️, runners, and/or Ironman athletes🚴🏼‍♀️ . We cannot recommend these as an incredible resource for recovery!

What are Normatec Boots?

The NormaTec system is comprised of a control unit, and separate attachments that can go either on the legs, hips, or arms. The most popular among runners and triathletes are the legs. The attachments use compressed air to massage your limbs and speed up recovery by mobilizing fluid from your limbs toward your core. NormaTec has a patented massage pattern that is believed to be the most effective way to mobilize fluid in and out of the limbs, which is what creates that “fresh legs” feeling after taking the boots off.

A session in the boots can vary in time, you can start seeing benefits from as little as 15 to 30 minutes.

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