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Whether you’re an avid runner, cancer survivor, or simply enjoy keeping up with your active lifestyle, F.I.T. Muscle and Joint Clinic personally invests in getting your body back to where it needs to be. Discover more how we’ve transformed the lives of our clients as trusted chiropractors in Kansas City.

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If you’re experiencing pain, F.I.T Muscle & Joint Clinic personally meets with everyone for an hour to discover what hurts, what caused your pain and what your active goals are.

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Take a couple of minutes to tell us about your symptoms and pain areas. Prefer to chat over the phone? Call us for a free phone consultation.

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By using our industry-leading techniques and listening to our clients, F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic’s chiropractors in Kansas City can get rid of your pain, help you maintain the performance and function of your body, and get you back to what you love.

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Enid D.

I wish I could give F.I.T. more than 5 stars! From the moment I walked into their office, I felt supported and heard. They took time to listen to my experiences, and then thoroughly evaluated me before being spot-on with a diagnosis - which was confirmed by an MRI. My therapist is gentle, yet incredibly firm with her manipulations and exercises. She is compassionate and supportive with me as I work to build strength and flexibility in my back and hip. I cannot say enough about how professional, kind, and personable everyone is at F.I.T.!!

Clifford P.

Jim and the staff are awesome! I’m a baseball coach and was having some back issues due to throwing about 1000 batting practice pitches a week. Back is definitely better and Jim was the first Chiropractor that I’ve met that actually understands the biomechanics of throwing so his training is way above average!

Garrick V.

For months, whenever I'd exercise I'd have frustrating knee pain that was causing me to never finish a workout. I was impressed with how Dr. Allison really took the time to understand my symptoms and put me on a plan to recovery. After our first appointment, not only was I relieved that I had someone dedicated to my recovery, but I noticed considerable results after that first session. Within a few weeks I was back to my regular amounts of exercise. What was of particular value to me was not only did my pain get resolved, but I had the knowledge and specific exercises to keep the injury from returning.

Grant P.

F.I.T. Is absolutely wonderful I have been working with Josh Greenwell mostly and Alex Scavuzzo a couple of times. They are both very knowledgeable in what they do. Josh was able to help me with a lower back problem that 2 other chiropractors were not able to. I highly recommend either one of them.

Danielle P.

F.I.T. is the best Chiro/PT clinic in the KC metro. You can tell that they really care about you as a patient and they actually want you to get better! Working from home and doing a whole lot of nothing has taken a toll on my old bones. Dr Aaron Holman is very knowledgeable and always helps with whatever aches and pains that arise.

Dennis N.

I had put off months of lingering right elbow and lower back pain, I decided to visit the clinic after my fall season sports had come to an end. Due to my ailments, the clinic paired me up with Joe and he’s been nothing short of godsend. I was diagnosed with tendinitis in my elbow stemming from the sports I participate in, in addition to the 5-6 days of exercise I take in weekly. With Joe’s help, I have regained my flexibility and mobility through specific stretches, dry needling and exercises. I now see him twice a week to continue my therapy. Plus I use Normatec leg sleeves after my sessions to relieve the tension in my legs. Can’t recommend Joe enough!

👋Say Hello to Matt👋

Matt is our newest Certified Hand Therapist and works at our Leawood location!

Matt graduated from University of Missouri- Columbia in 2009 with a Master’s in Occupational therapy. He then went on to acquire his Certified Hand Therapy credential in 2016, becoming a specialist in hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder rehab. Matt has extensive experience treating complicated shoulder patients, ranging from conservative care to complete reconstruction. Matt will tell you his favorite part of the job is the interaction with his patients and the balance between laughing and hard work to achieve a great outcome. He also enjoys collaboration with all care team professionals either with colleagues in the clinic or physicians who refer care. “No two patients are the same even if they have similar injuries, and therefore, we must find the best way for each to reach their highest potential in therapy”.

He is an avid Kansas City Chiefs fan, never missing a game and with a goal to attend an away game in each of our division rivals’ stadiums. In their free time, Matt and his family enjoy travel of all kinds, some international, though most often can be found at Table Rock Lake or Colorado. There is no better day than hiking, biking, or skiing in the mountains followed by at sit down at a local brewery, in his opinion.

If you see Matt around the Leawood clinic, make sure to say hello and welcome to the team!

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👴🏼 The Old Man Test 👴🏼

Priscilla passed the “old man” test! Can you??

This is a great way to challenge your balance, flexibility, stability and mobility all in one. Give this challenge a try and tag us!

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⚽️ World Cup Warm Up ⚽️

The U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team is in the FIFA World Cup for the first time in 8 years! To celebrate, we’ve got a proper warm up for you! ⚽️

A crucial part of any training session or game is to have a proper warm up, a DYNAMIC WARM UP! A dynamic warm up is moving while you stretch and includes repetitive movements through a joint’s full range of motion. The goal is to increase blood flow, prepare the joints and muscles for movement, improve functional mobility in joints, reduce the risk of injury, and help improve overall performance.

Conducting a dynamic warm up will help jump-start the cardiovascular system to appropriate levels for performance. It also gets the brain working to concentrate on body motion and increased mental readiness for the game or training session. Here are a couple lower extremity mobility movements to try in your next dynamic warm up to help decrease stiffness and improve performance. Cheers!

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🔑 DNS for Runners 🔑

Today, Anna takes us through one of her favorite Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization movements for runners. 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏽🏃🏾‍♂️

This movement builds stabilization through the foot and hips while also strengthening the soleus muscle, which is key for not only running, but standing posture as well. If it weren’t for the soleus muscle’s constant pull, your body would fall forward!

Give this one a try to improve your neuromuscular stability and let us know what you think. Questions? Leave them in the comments below 👇

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