Sports Medicine
and Performance

F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic can help athletes evaluate their performance & reduce risk of injury by providing chiropractic sports medicine in Kansas City.

Chiropractic Sports Medicine in Kansas City

Sports Medicine & Performance

It’s critical to take care of your body, whether you’re an everyday patient or an athlete. However, especially for athletes, preparing yourself for optimal performance is ideal. Chiropractic sports medicine in Kansas City can improve performance by using science and research to provide you the best and safest ways to optimize your athletic abilities.

What It Treats

Chiropractic Sports Medicine & Performance in Kansas City can help with:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Injury prevention
  • Improving performance
  • Nutritional education

How Sports Medicine & Performance Works

Chiropractic Sports Medicine & Performance is critical in getting back on the field and staying on the field. It includes soft tissue treatments such as Graston, FAKTR, A.R.T., and Dry Needling to help restore proper tissue tone within the damaged tissue. To minimize future occurrences, we can also tailor chiropractic rehabilitation programs in Kansas City to fix flawed movement strategies, which lead to pain and injury.

With any sport, the body goes through intense training that could be taxing on the body. Because of this, having a medical professional to monitor your sports performance can greatly decrease the prevalence of debilitating injuries. At. F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic, we work with our patients to increase performance, reduce injuries, and heal current injuries. 

Our chiropractic sports medicine in Kansas City focuses on a broad range of sports. Our chiropractors and physical therapists are specially trained to understand how joints and muscles collaborate with each other for optimum performance. With a keen eye, we monitor motion patterns to check for muscle compensations, repetitive improper movements, and any other habits that could lead to injuries. 

One of the biggest aspects of chiropractic sports medicine is injury prevention to keep you on the field throughout the entire season. Many people seek help after an injury, but we believe that protecting the body before an injury is the best way to boost performance. We offer a variety of cutting-edge treatments to help athletes of all spheres feel their best.

We always speak with our patients about their goals and any pain they may have. We can also offer treatments for sport-specific training so patients can cater their program to their sport. In this case, we target the joints and muscles needed to improve performance—whether it be for soccer, football, baseball, track, and more.


Chiropractic Sports Medicine & Performance at F.I.T.

At F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic, we tailor all chiropractic treatments, including rehabilitation programs, to be individualized and sport specific to each athlete we treat. It’s our goal to help you optimize athletic performance and avoid the risk of future injury—for athletes at any level.

Chiropractic sports medicine is a collective group of non-invasive therapies that focus on improving sports performance and reducing injury. Our medically trained chiropractors at F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic use our sports medicine treatments on a variety of patients, no matter how small or big the problem. Since our treatments are so customized, each patient receives a treatment that is exclusively their own, rather than a general sports medicine program.

Our chiropractors have performed countless chiropractic sports medicine treatments and have mastered the art of non-invasive musculoskeletal patient care. We don’t believe in generalized treatments simply because we don’t deal with generalized problems. At F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic, we support our patients through their journey from start to finish. 

The Graston Technique and Sports Medicine

Depending on your needs, our chiropractors may implement the Graston Technique to break up any soft tissue adhesions that could affect sports performance. With the help of the Graston tools, we implement a cross-friction massage, meaning we apply pressure against the grain of the tissue. In doing so, we introduce a small amount of inflammation to improve blood flow and boost the body’s healing process. The goal is to promote the healthy formation of collagen fibers so the tissue heals properly. 

This leads to less pain, improved mobility, and can even relieve nerve-related pain and entrapment. In general, there are three main objectives for the Graston Technique for chiropractic sports medicine in Kansas City: 

(1) To promote blood & lymph flow

(2) To temporarily improve range of motion

(3) To promote a better healing environment for the soft tissue for faster recovery

The tools we use are made with stainless steel and are concave and convex-shaped. The beveled edges allow us to effectively treat specific tissues with precision and create change on a cellular level. 


A.R.T. and Chiropractic Sports Medicine & Performance

Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) in Kansas City is based on the idea that soft tissues—tissues that surround, connect, and support other structures in the body—may develop adhesions over time. Examples of these tissues include, fat, blood vessels, fibrous tissue, muscles, lymph vessels, and nerves. Adhesions can form from multiple conditions such as chronic injuries, acute injuries, sedentary activities (such as sitting in one position for hours at a time), and more. As a result, patients often suffer from discomfort and pain, which affects their day-to-day life and sports performance. 

For people with pain stemming from soft tissue adhesions, always speak to a professional rather than trying to self treat. Without a professional chiropractor, self treatment could lead to additional harm to the body and further injury. Our team of chiropractors ensure that our therapies promote the health and wellness of our patients’ muscles and other soft tissue, which in turn improves the overall quality of their body’s movement patterns.

Each patient receives their own, unique combination of techniques, because each patient requires specialized care. We first dedicate one-on-one time to isolate the problem. To target specific soft tissue, we have to understand where the issue lies.

Along with a thorough examination, we often gain insight through speaking directly with our patients. Our number one priority is to understand where their pain stems from so that we can properly cater their A.R.T. and overall program to their needs. By doing this, we are able to pinpoint our efforts on a specific tissue structure, rather than playing a guessing game that would not work. 

Dry Needling and Sports Medicine

During a Dry Needling session at one of our six area locations across the Kansas City metro, we utilize sterile, single-use acupuncture needles to stimulate trigger points within muscles. This is done by inserting the needles into the muscles in an area where a trigger point/adhesion is found. By inserting the needles into myofascial trigger points, the treatment promotes intramuscular stimulation to increase blood flow in the area of damaged tissue. This allows the muscle to lengthen and shorten properly, decreases pain, and improves healing time. As a result, patients can enjoy relief and an increased range of motion. 

When the needle enters the trigger point, it elicits a twitch response in the muscle. This causes an increase in local circulation and improves the body’s ability to heal and remodel the tissue, thus, improving function of the tissue. For many patients, this helps them through daily life by reducing pain and stiffness. 

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