Blood Flow
Restriction Training

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Blood Flow Restriction Training in Kansas City helps improve strength and hypertrophy outcomes in low-load conditions, maximize sports performance capacity, and minimize atrophy post-surgery.

Blood Flow Restriction Training in Kansas City

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

Through research, we know that in order to truly achieve improvements in muscular strength and size, we must use loads and intensities that generate enough of a stimulus to cause tissue change (most research shows using less than 65% of your 1-rep max for any given movement). However, what happens when you can’t use a load like this?What about post-surgical conditions or situations where we need to protect healing tissues? What if you want to achieve maximal sports performance and work capacity outside of the presence of an injury—or even improve aerobic capacity? That’s where our chiropractors come in with proven techniques, including Blood Flow Restriction Training in Kansas City.

What It Treats

Blood Flow Restriction Training in Kansas City can help with:

  • Rehabilitation & injury recovery
  • Improving performance, muscle hypertrophy, and work capacity
  • Maximizing outcomes both pre- and post-surgery
  • Minimizing muscle loss post-surgery and enhancing tissue healing (including bone healing, tendon/ligament healing)
  • Improving aerobic capacity
  • Improving recovery capacity from training

How Blood Flow Restriction Training Works

Blood Flow Restriction (or BFR) uses a cuff placed on the upper or lower extremities to briefly restrict the arterial and venous blood flow, either during rest or while performing an exercise. This can achieve significant improvements in muscular size and strength while using significantly lower loads on the tissue.

The results of this brief occlusion has numerous physiological and metabolic effects (both local and systemic) that lead to this improvement in hypertrophy, as well as tissue healing & recovery and aerobic capacity.

Blood Flow Restriction Training at F.I.T.

At F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic, our chiropractors incorporate Blood Flow Restriction Training in Kansas City as part of our overall comprehensive and individualized treatment plan.

We include this in our personalized care plans for athletes and other patients in order to maximize outcomes and help you achieve your goals with maximal efficiency and effectiveness. After all, we want to leave you Better Than Before.

Is Blood Flow Restriction right for you?

Take a couple of minutes to tell us about your symptoms and/or situation and interests. This will help us determine the best treatment methods and techniques to incorporate into your treatment plan.

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