Injury Prevention and Sports Performance

F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic can assess an athlete’s movement and screen for dysfunctional movement patterns to determine if the athlete is at risk of injury then provide a plan of action to reduce that risk and improve performance through the F.I.T. Injury Prevention and Sports Performance Program in Kansas City. 


Chiropractic Injury Prevention and Sports Performance in Kansas City

Injury Prevention & Sports Performance

More kids are participating in sports than ever before. Not only has the training volume increased dramatically over the past decade, but we are also seeing an increase in year-round participation and early-specialization in sports increasing the physical demand on young athletes. That said, there are several benefits to participating in sports as they create a fun environment for kids to exercise, develop friendships, and learn the value of teamwork which can carry over into other valuable life skills. However, this increased physical demand and high level of training in sports requires a heavier emphasis on the health and longevity of our athletes. The F.I.T. Injury Prevention & Performance Program in Kansas City is designed to meet this need by keeping our athletes playing at a high level and keeping them healthy, all while decreasing the risk of sustaining an injury.

What it Treats

Chiropractic Injury Prevention and Sports Performance in Kansas City can help with:

  • Assessing and athlete’s movement to identify any mobility, strength, and motor control deficits that increase the likelihood of injury
  • Identifying areas of poor motor control, stiffness, pain, and weakness that can hinder performance.
  • Creating an individually tailored program based on one’s specific needs to improve performance.

How The F.I.T. Injury Prevention and Sports Performance Program Works

Our Chiropractic Injury Prevention & Sports Performance Program combines evidence based tests and drills for the athlete to perform under the guidance of one of our doctors to identify areas that need to be addressed and potentially treated. The injury prevention screen includes tests from the Functional Movement Screen and Y-Balance, which have been heavily researched and proven to accurately identify areas that lack mobility and stability. 

After we identify the unique needs of the athlete, we incorporate proven soft tissue and rehabilitation exercises to improve the strength, mobility, and stability of our athletes. The result of this program is a significant decrease in the likelihood of sustaining an injury, and the ability to continue participating and competing in the sports our athletes love.

Chiropractic Injury Prevention & Sports Performance at F.I.T.

At F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic, we tailor all chiropractic treatments, including injury prevention and performance programs, to be individualized and sport specific to each athlete. 


It’s our goal to help you optimize athletic performance and avoid the risk of future injury—for athletes at any level.

Is Chiropractic Injury Prevention and Sports Performance right for you?

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