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27 January 2020Chiropractic

We hear that we should take our joint stability seriously, but all too often we don’t actually know what joint stability means. At F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic, we make sure that all of our patients understand the importance of joint stability. Not only does it keep you safe, it also ensures that your joints can move at their optimum range of motion.

Without good stability, your joints can grind together, causing wear and tear throughout the years. This could lead to serious injuries, and if not taken care of, you may have to have surgery to fix the stability of a joint.

Whether you’re a young athlete or an experienced gym-goer, it never hurts to learn about ways to improve and stay safe in the gym and in life. Read more about joint stability below, then talk to F.I.T.’s chiropractic experts about how best to achieve your goals.

What is joint stability?

Joint stability is the ability to control joint movement within the proper range of motion. This stability comes from the soft tissue and muscles that surround and support the joint. At the end of the day, stability is what keeps your joints safe. 

There are three main factors that contribute to joint stability: 

  1. Size, shape, and arrangement of the articular surface: The articular surface is the connection of two bones. How the articulation is designed affects just how much your joint can move and how stable it is. 
  2. Ligaments: All joints are surrounded by ligaments, which are connective tissues that hold a joint together. The tighter a ligament is, the more stable a joint will be, but that also impacts how much the joint can move. 
  3. Tone: Muscle tone can decrease over time, especially without proper exercise. This causes joints to be less stable and more prone to injury. Muscle tone imbalance can also hurt your joint stability, so it’s important that you always train properly. 

Joint stability versus mobility

Many people argue about whether joint stability or mobility is more important. Here’s what we think: joint stability and mobility are equally important

You can’t expect to have a full range of motion by just focusing on one or the other. Simply speaking, mobility is the ability of a joint to move freely through its range of motion before being restricted by surrounding tissues. Joint stability, however, is the ability to control that movement. 

So whenever your body feels unstable, your mobility won’t be as great as it could be. If you’re not as mobile, you can’t properly train your stability. 

When to seek professional help for joint stability issues

Understand the importance of joint stability is the first step to knowing if you have a problem. Many people first notice tightness around their joints, which is one of the first signs of instability. If you’ve noticed that your normal techniques (such as stretching or using a foam roller) no longer help, it may be time to get professional chiropractic rehabilitation exercises. 

F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic offers the best chiropractic services in Kansas City. We use a combination of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization movements as part of our exercises to help our patients regain their full joint function. 

Our team of expert chiropractors and physical therapists build long-lasting results, and our number one goal is to empower our patients to maximize their health. 

Learn more about how we can help fight your joint stability problems using industry-leading practices from our highly experienced team of medical professionals.

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