Chiropractic Knee pain treatments in Kansas City

Are you experiencing knee pain?

Chiropractic Knee pain can be caused by repetitive stress, poor movement patterns or trauma. Pain at the knee usually presents at the joint line, above or below the knee cap or on either side depending on the cause of injury. Knee pain is usually caused by damage to the meniscus, one of the ligaments stabilizing the knee, or one of the surrounding muscles. More often than not, poor hip stability may be the true cause of knee pain.

Possible Treatments for Knee Pain

Common treatments for knee pain vary depending on the causative factors. Evidence based treatment protocols are vital for long lasting beneficial effects. Leading soft tissue therapies for the hip include A.R.T., Dry Needling, Graston and corrective exercise.

For other treatment options, you may be interested in learning more about physical therapy for knee treatment. 

Graston Technique

Dry Needling

Active Release Techniques

Conditions We Treat

Patellar Tendonitis

Patellar tendonitis or tendonopathy is a condition where the patellar tendon becomes inflamed due to repetitive strain. Excessive strain of the tendon is usually caused by quadricep or hip flexor tension. These muscular asymmetries are easy to discover and correct leading to less tension on the tendon.

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IT Band Syndrome

IT Band syndrome, common in runners and cyclists, is where the IT Band becomes tight causing compression over the bursae around the knee. IT Band syndrome usually presents around the outside the knee but can occur anywhere along the IT Band. Excessive tension in the IT Band is typically caused by a weak gluteus medius causing excessive leg adduction when walking or running.

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Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome is a broad term used to describe pain at or surrounding the knee cap. Sometimes fluid or swelling around the knee cap may be present. Patellofemoral syndrome is usually caused by muscular asymmetries around the knee causing tracking issues of the knee cap. Poor tracking or positioning of the knee cap then causes friction which in turns produces pain or swelling.

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Symptoms of Knee Pain Can Include

  • Sharp pinpoint pain
  • Swelling or fluid around the knee cap
  • Deep, dull ache
  • Limited range of motion or mobility
  • Pain with squatting or lunging
  • Pain with running or vertical impact
  • Feeling of weakness or locking of the knee
  • Pain with twisting motions
Knee pain treatments in Kansas City

Chiropractic Care vs. In-Home Exercises

Soft tissue therapy in conjunction with corrective exercises and end range loading techniques are found to be more beneficial in creating proper long lasting soft tissue results in contrast to only one aspect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide a knee pain diagnosis?

Yes following your consultation with one of our chiropractors we will provide you with a diagnosis and treatment plan for your knee pain.

I'm experiencing knee pain when bending. Can a chiropractor help with that?

Yes, our chiropractors can provide soft tissue therapies as well as rehabilitative exercises to help relieve knee pain and prevent it from returning.

I have knee pain and swelling. What are some things I can do at home for relief?

The chiropractors at F.I.T. will provide you with accompanying functional movements that correspond to clinic treatment and help promote the healing process.

Our treatment process

F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic utilizes a variety of manual therapy techniques complimented by rehabilitative exercises to improve function and reduce pain.

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